Radiant Vs. Emerald Cut - What’s the Difference?

We know radiant and emerald diamonds look similar in shape, but they aren’t exactly the same.  So, what causes the differences between these two diamonds? 

Facet Arrangement Radiant Cut

Every popular diamond cut has facets, which are flat surfaces on the diamond. This helps create the diamond's shape, brilliance, and fire. Emerald cut diamonds have 57 facets, while radiant diamonds have 70. The higher number of facets on radiant diamonds allow for more sparkle to shine through when compared to emerald cut diamonds. The facet arrangement of emerald cut diamonds allows imperfections to be seen more easily than in radiant cut diamonds. However, the facets of emerald cut diamonds can help mask yellow tints.

DimensionsEmerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have an ideal length-to-width ratio of 1.40. This means the width will typically be about 40% of the length of the diamond. For radiant cut diamonds, the ideal ratio is 1.25 for length to width. This means the width of the diamond is around 25% of the diamond’s length. Despite the ideal length-to-width ratios for these diamonds, they can vary in dimensions. For emerald cut diamonds, the range of length-to-width can fall between a ratio of 1.30 and 1.50. As for radiant cut diamonds, the range of length-to-width ratio is between 1.05 and 1.50. The difference in these ratios determines the overall shape of each diamond. The closer the number is to 1.00, the closer the shape will be to a square. 

Which Engagement Ring Style Do Emerald and Radiant Diamonds Look Best In?

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamonds shine bright in solitaire, halo, and diamond band settings. Solitaire settings let the diamond shine on its own, allowing it to be the center of attention. Halo settings for emerald cut diamonds help to make the center diamond appear larger with the help of diamonds surrounding it. Diamond band settings, similar to solitaire, let the center stone have the spotlight, but also add more sparkle around the band.

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant cut diamonds look best in solitaire, diamond band, and three-stone settings. Solitaire settings allow a radiant diamond’s sparkle to be the star of the show. With a diamond band setting, radiant diamonds can still be front and center, but they are accentuated by petite diamonds in the band. Three-stone settings help radiant diamonds appear larger with two side-stones next to the center diamond. 

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