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Our History at James & Sons in Chicagoland Our History at James & Sons in Chicagoland



When James Sunderland Sr. first opened James & Sons in 1964, his passion for providing world-class products and an exceptional shopping experience drove his success. It is with the same passion that we present Rolex timepieces to our customers each day. Since 1997, James & Sons has been proud to carry the title of Official Rolex Jeweler. Home to a large selection of iconic Rolex models, we invite you to visit us in Naperville or Orland Park to discover your next Rolex watch.

Our History at James & Sons in Chicagoland


People often ask, “Why Rolex?” The answer to this question is different for each of our clients. A Rolex timepiece may be purchased to signify a level of career or life success. Others wish to celebrate one of life’s milestones for a loved one. Some may simply wish to wear a Rolex watch because it will hold its value over time. Many are drawn to the history of the company that is responsible for so many of the innovations in the evolution of the wristwatch. I am proud of the role that James & Sons plays in such an important moment in our customers’ lives.

Our History at James & Sons in Illinois


For anyone in sales, it is important to believe in the value of the product that you provide. I am blessed that I passionately believe in the value of Rolex. I love the opportunity to engage the client that has not yet decided on Rolex for his or her next timepiece. I share with them what I love about Rolex: the storied history, the innovations that define the modern wristwatch, the excellence in quality & manufacturing, and the prominent individuals that choose Rolex, I never run out of truthful commentary about this extraordinary watch and the company. It is wonderful to present a product that you truly believe, down to your core, is the best choice your client could make.

Our History at James & Sons in Illinois


For over a century Rolex has been synonymous with innovation and watchmaking excellence. For a quarter of that time, James & Sons partnership with Rolex as an Official Rolex Jeweler has remained steadfast. No matter which James & Sons jewelry store you visit, you will be met by a friendly and knowledgeable professional ready to assist you in selecting your next Rolex watch. Our Naperville and Orland Park locations are home to a vast selection of Rolex timepieces.