Right now, it seems like everything has been cancelled: shopping, concerts, dining at restaurants, and the list goes on. But love and family-togetherness and fun is not. That's why, at James & Sons, we are embracing this time at home with our families and making it FUN. Here are some awesome ideas for you and your family to do at home while quarantined.


You can never go wrong with a fun coloring activity! It allows you to be creative and harness your artistic abilities. And we have the perfect coloring page for your kids - and you! This is great because it allows you to be creative and make it whatever you want it to be! This fun coloring page features diamonds and gemstones in many shapes and sizes. To print out this page, right click on the image below and select 'print', make sure that it is formatted to fit the entire page, and voila! You now have an easy, fun activity for the little jewelry lover.


Finger painting is another fun way for your kids to express their creativity and get out some pent-up energy. But, another fun activity is foot painting! We got this cute idea from one of our sales associates, Tiffany, after she did this activity with her son and daughter. For this, you will need a roll of white craft paper and some paint. If you don't have a roll of craft paper on hand, the oposite side of wrapping paper will work just fine! Get your kids set up with the paper and paint, apply some paint to the bottom of their feet and let them dance around and play in the paint. I should also mention that it would be a good idea for them to be in clothes that you are ok with getting paint all over! They will remember how fun this was for a long time!


Board games are a classic way to have fun at home. As a matter of fact, a lot of our James & Soms teammates have been spending their time with family playing board games like Monopoly! So, gather around your favorite board game with snacks and some drinks and have a fun, competitive game night! 


Making and eating sweet treats together sounds like ther perfect cure for all of your quantine blues! Try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe or make a dessert that you've never had before. This time spent baking will be a great bonding experience and educational for your kids! They'll love the process and appreciate the finished product even more because they had a part in making it.

Those are just a few ideas! There are so many more fun opportunities for you and your family to make the very most of this slow time spent at home. As a family-owned company, James & Sons is proud to put family at the center of everything that we do. We attribute our success to having strong family values and supporting all of our families with love. We know that we will get through this time together as a family and with plenty of fun!