Everyone gives and receives love differently. Some people feel most loved when they receive a thoughtful gift, while others cherish kind words from their partner. Do you know what your love language is? How about your partner’s love language? Let’s dive into the 5 Love Languages from Dr. Gary Chapman and relate them to all things James & Sons Fine Jewelers!

Acts of Service

 DIY Jewelry Cleaning Supplies


What it is: People with acts of service as their top love language feel most appreciated by actions. Whether that’s doing the dishes, filling up their car with gas, or making them breakfast, they will feel very loved. 


What we recommend: For those with acts of service as their number one, we suggest cleaning your partner’s jewelry. You could set up a DIY cleaning station at home, or bring it to James & Sons for a professional cleaning. We love to see your jewelry and timepieces look brand new, and we would love to 

Receiving Gifts

 James & Sons Bracelet Box


What it is: Those with giving and receiving gifts as their highest scoring love language feel love and appreciation through a thoughtful gift. Even if it’s big or small, it means so much to them that they were thought of to receive the gift!


What we recommend: If your partner’s top love language is receiving gifts, you’re in luck! We have a stunning selection of diamond jewelry and luxury timepieces that make for perfect gifts. Classic diamond stud earrings and tennis bracelets only scratch the surface of our extensive collections. Let us help you find the best gift for your partner!

Quality Time

 Sitting on patio enjoying quality time


What it is: People with quality time as their top love language are looking for your undivided attention when you’re together. They feel appreciated when you spend time with them that is uninterrupted and thoughtful. 


What we recommend: For those with quality time as their number one love language, we suggest shopping together at James & Sons! Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a fine timepiece, or another staple to your jewelry collection, this can be a great way to spend some quality time together. 

Words of Affirmation

 Couple smiling in conversation


What it is: These people feel most uplifted and loved when they hear encouraging and reassuring words from their partner. Whether it be a simple “I love you,” or telling them how much you mean to them, you’ll make their day brighter and make them feel more loved than before. 


What we recommend: Compliment their jewelry! Tell them how beautiful their gold jewelry looks on them or how their diamond jewelry makes their smile brighter. Even if it seems like a small action to you, it means the absolute world to them. 

Physical Touch

 Woman holding man's arm


What it is: Holding hands, hugging, or sitting with your arm around your partner speaks volumes to them in terms of feeling loved. These individuals feel appreciated when physical touch is involved.


What we recommend: Place that engagement ring on their finger and give them a hug! This special moment will be even more special and memorable to them if their top love language is a prominent factor. They’ll cherish this moment forever, but even more so if you give them a big hug and hold their hand for a long time after. 


Find Your Best Gift At James & Sons

No matter your love language or your partner’s, we’ve got the perfect gift to make them feel extremely special. From diamond jewelry to luxury watches, we’d love to help you find the gift to make them feel loved and appreciated. Visit us in Chicago, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schererville, or shop online! We can’t wait to see what you choose.

Make sure you check out 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman!