James & Sons is proud to carry a large selection of beautiful lab grown diamonds and diamond jewelry! The Diamond Lab is James & Sons’ exclusive collection of lab grown diamond jewelry that features a wide array of loose lab grown diamonds in every size, shape, color, that you could ever ask for! Ready and waiting to be set in the perfect engagement ring setting and worn as a special reminder of your love for years to come. We love this diamond option and we know you will too.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?
Lab Grown Diamonds are miracles of modern science. Advanced technology allows scientists to create the extreme temperatures and extreme high pressure to create real, gem quality diamonds. Lab grown offers an exceptional value and are identical to natural diamonds. 

Lab Grown Diamonds are made in a controlled lab environment. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, with the only difference being their point of origin. Similar to their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamonds are evaluated with the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. You can also find lab-grown diamonds offered in the same shapes as natural diamonds including princess, round brilliant, emerald, oval, etc.

Lab Grown Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings
We have lab grown diamonds in every shape and size that can be set as the center diamond of that oh-so-special special engagement ring! Choosing the lab grown diamond option will cut the price of your engagement ring almost in half while also delivering the same beautiful look as a natural diamond. Diamonds vs. diamonds... what a great choice to have to make! Any engagement ring style is possible with lab grown diamond from The Diamond Lab at James & Sons! Diamond halo engagement rings, solitaires, three-stone, and so much more. Propose Confidently with a Diamond Lab engagement ring from James & Sons!

Lab Grown Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Stop into a James & Sons store near you in Chicago, Orland Park or Schererville to view our entire Lab Grown Diamond selection from The Diamond Lab! All of our amazing sales associates will be happy to talk you through the differences of lab grown and natural diamonds and show you a side-by-side comparison of the two. We can't wait to show you this amazing collection!