How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to show off your engagement ring to all your friends, family, and social media followers. Read below for some tips on how to make your engagement ring shine in your selfies!

Lighting and ExposureDiamond Lab

You want your ring to sparkle as much as it can. Make sure the lighting is bright enough (but not too bright) to showcase all the beauty it has to offer! The best lighting to use is outdoor natural light, but we know it’s not always the perfect conditions. It can be difficult to get the perfect image right off the bat, but remember, photos can always be adjusted later on, even on your phone. You don’t need fancy camera equipment or photo editing software to create a beautiful picture to post on social media. Your phone is a great camera to take phenomenal pictures!

Camera FocusEngagement Ring

Clarity of an image can make or break your social media post. You want to capture as much detail as possible, so camera focus is extremely important. Make sure the focus is on your engagement ring while maintaining focus on you and your fiance! If you’re using your phone, tap the screen where the main part of the image is to focus on it. Your ring deserves to be shown off in the best way possible!

ManicureRose Gold

Whether you prefer bright and bold colors or just a clean natural nail, make sure your manicure is top notch! Your nails should complement your engagement ring! If you’re a yellow gold fan, a peach or light pink nail color will complement it very well. For white gold or platinum rings, a soft blue or purple will look great. If you’re looking for neutral nail color, a light gray is also a great option. For rose gold lovers, this bright red nail color will surely make your ring pop! 

Relax! Engagement Ring

This is a big moment, and it can definitely make you excited and tense. When taking your selfies, relax your hand. Stiff hands won’t look as natural as your relaxed hand will.Try slightly bending your fingers to achieve the relaxed look.

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