Wearing jewelry to express your style has been around for all of time and diamond have become the standard in timeless fine jewelry. When shopping for your very own diamond jewelry piece, you want to get the best of the best which is Hearts On Fire. This is because Hearts On Fire is globally renowned for their exclusive, high-quality cut diamonds that are known as The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.


James & Sons has some new Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry that we absolutely adore! Like these pieces from their new Signature collection - basic pieces that feature exceptionally beautiful diamonds but can be worn every day and with every outfit.


Hearts On Fire Diamond Jewelry

There is all of this and so much more in this collection! We love it so much because it offers beautiful diamond jewelry at every size and price point.


Hearts On Fire offers fun, statement-making diamond jewelry as well! Like the unforgettable Aerial Regal Scroll Ring that comes in two parts – a statement making cocktail ring and a midi ring that look so unique when worn together - or the Aurora Line Bracelet that boasts diamonds surrounded by intricate diamond halos, giving the design the look of woven diamond embroidery. This bracelet maintains its oval shape when worn, lending it a structured and elegant appeal.


 Hearts On Fire Diamond Jewelry


Stay on-trend with Hearts On Fire stackable diamond rings. They are offered in so many beautiful styles and look great when worn together. When it comes to stacking rings, you make the rules! Mix and match metals as you please, as long as they all feature diamonds, you truly can't do wrong.

021-HP-HBA75518W-N | HBAHOFOREG00098W-C | HBASIGPB00158W-C | 012-HP-HBA75648W-N

Hearts On Fire Diamond Jewelry

Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry is truly a cut above the rest! Shop all of this gorgeous jewelry and so much more at jamesandsons.com or at James & Sons in Chciago, Orland Park or Schererville.