Breast Cancer Awareness is near and dear to our hearts here at James & Sons. For the entire month of October 2022, we will donate $5 to Bright Pink for every new follower on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Learn more about Bright Pink, its mission, and the resources available to women looking for life-saving health interventions.


About Bright Pink


Bright Pink is a nonprofit Venture Philanthropy Fund that provides support to breast and ovarian health practices that can save women’s lives. Founder, Linsdey Avner, began Bright Pink after finding a profound lack of resources for women in these circumstances. Since 2007, Bright Pink has helped over 1 million women learn about their breast and ovarian health, trained more than 20,000 women’s health providers, educated more than 110,000 women through workshops, and supported more than 6,500 high-risk women with one-of-a-kind programs. 


Bright Pink offers tools and programs to women ranging from high-risk resources to basic knowledge and guides on breast and ovarian health. Bright Pink’s Provider Education, Health Reminders, Educational Workshops, and helpful websites are a part of the organization’s historical suite of programs and tools. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is currently working to implement these into its suite of offerings for even more reach and access to these health practices and resources. 


Supporting Bright Pink at James & Sons


Bright Pink Donations

We need your help! For the entire month of October 2022, James & Sons will be donating $5 for every new follower on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We are so grateful for this opportunity and we are counting on you to help us make this a great success. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and tell your friends to as well!