James & Sons wants to help you #ProposeConfidently by equpping you with all that you need to know about 2021 engagement ring trends! From the yellow gold trend to the bypass style trend and everything in between, you will feel more ready to make that all important purchase once you know what is on-trend right now. Read on and be sure to check out all of our engagement ring styles!


Yellow gold has made a comeback in a big way! This classic metal color is so trendy right now and the choice of many recent engagement ring purchasers. But, while it is currently trendy, it is a classic and will always make a comeback if it does go “out of style” so there is no risk in taking part in this trend. The yellow gold metal tone brings so much warmth to your engagement ring like this Fana solitaire engagement ring and is undeniably beautiful. From TACORI, we can’t choose between this TACORI halo engagement ring or this TACORI solitaire diamond band engagement ring when trying to choose a favorite!

2021 Engagement Ring Trends


Bypass rings are a relatively new style that is super trendy right now. These rings truly make a statement! Unique from the traditional straight-across band styles, these freeform styles have so many variabilities which make them so unique. This Gabriel & Co. bypass engagement ring is the perfect example of this style! We also love that it’s two-tone and sparkly with a pave diamond halo! The Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire diamond and sapphire engagement ring is similar in it's style but unique in it's form. Diamonds and pink sapphire adorn the free form band of this fun and colorful engagement ring. We adore this style! A more simple bypass engagement ring is the Danhov engagement ring in white gold. A beaded white gold band beautifully wraps around a center diamond is unique style that will truly spark interest!

2021 Engagement Ring Trends



This on-trend engagement ring style delivers the best of both worlds: a brilliant round diamond AND a fancy diamond shape. This style boasts a beautiful round diamond nestled in a fancy diamond-shaped halo. Accent diamonds in a tight pave setting are so precisely placed and undeniably brilliant that the result is the illusion of one large, fancy-shaped diamond. The choice is yours – this Hearts On Fire oval shaped engagement ring or this Hearts On Fire marquise shaped engagement ring. This style is such a great option to consider in your search for the perfect engagemenrt ring. We love this trend!

2021 Engagement Ring Trends



The simple, round solitaire is back in the spotlight. It never actually went out of style, but the last few years have been all about the drama of diamond halos or cushion and emerald cuts. Nowadays, it seems that the classic style is being embraced more than ever before. 2021 brides love this no-fuss, classic look! James & Sons has so many classic solitaire styles by all of our bridal designers. Check out this perfectly classic TACORI white gold soltiaire engagement ring or this Hearts On Fire white gold solitaire engagement ring.  Rock both trends - yellow gold and classic solitaire - with this Fana engagement ring. 

2021 Engagement Ring Trends

Whether you choose one of these engagement ring trends or not, you can always #ProposeConfidently with a James & Sons ring! Find the engagement ring of your dreams at a James & Sons store near you – Chicago, Orland Park or Schererville!