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Watch Repair In Schererville, IN

For over 50 years, James & Sons Fine Jewelers has been Schererville's trusted jeweler for Watch Repair in Schererville, IN. We know how important your jewelry is to you, which is why we handle every piece as if it were our own. James & Sons is proud to have knowledgeable, professional bench jewelers on hand at each of our jewelry stores in Schererville, Schererville, Schererville, and Schererville. Check out what customer's say about our custom and repair work.

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Meet Our Watch Repair Experts In Schererville



Pawel has been a bench jeweler since 2002! Pawel's relationship with James & Sons started from his Uncle Wally, who was also a bench jeweler of ours for many years. Pawel started working at James & Sons in 2007 and we couldn't be happier to have him!

"Making jewelry is an absolute pleasure for me. I love making people happy! Jewelry has the power to heal and connect." -Pawel

Credentials: Custom Jewelry Design, Wax By Hand, and 3D CAD


Wing has been a bench jeweler for over 30 years! He started with James & Sons in 2018 where he joined our Schererville team. Today he works at multiple James & Sons stores to assist our customer's Watch Repair needs.

"I like to set diamonds, repair jewelry, and make customers happy." -Wing


Prong Repair

Each day, our jewelry goes through normal wear and tear from doing simple everyday tasks. Over time, this may cause the prongs on your ring to wear down which puts you at risk for your diamond to come loose. Our in-house bench jewelers can perform a tip repair, repair a worn prong, or do a full prong repair to fix this issue. At James & Sons, when your engagement ring is purchased with our J&S No BS Diamond Ring Warranty, you are covered!

Ring Sizing

The size of your ring is so important. Too loose and you risk it falling off and too tight you risk not being able to take it off! Our experts will measure the size of your finger to determine what size your ring needs to be. Most rings can typically be sized up or down 1-2 sizes depending on the style. If typical ring sizing hasn't worked for you in the past due to factors such as arthritis and swelling, you may want to consider sizing beads to help with comfort. When you purchase your engagement ring under the J&S No BS Diamond Ring Warranty, you receive lifetime sizing on your diamond ring!

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its ultra-white color by placing a coating over the existing metal. For rings you wear on a daily basis, you'll likely need rhodium plating once a year. Rings worn on occasion will be able to go a few years before needing fresh rhodium plating done.

Professional Steam Cleaning

James & Sons offers free professional steam cleaning. Yep, you read that right…FREE jewelry cleaning! Dirt and bacteria can easily build up on your jewelry (especially your rings!), making it so important to get professional cleanings several times throughout the year. This service only takes a few minutes and your jewelry will look sparkling new after! Check out our At Home DIY Jewelry Cleaner to use in between your professional services.

Jewelry Engraving

Add a personal touch to your jewelry by engraving a custom message that will last a lifetime. A special date, message, or design, the options are endless. We use sophisticated machine engraving to ensure absolute perfection.

Chain Clasp Repair

One of the most common chain repairs here at James & Sons is a clasp replacement. The clasps on your chain can get worn out after a while and not close/open properly like it once used to. When this happens, it's important to replace the clasp to ensure that chain stays securely around your neck. If you're interested in changing the length of your chain, we can help with that too! You have the option to permanently shorten your chain or add “O rings” to give you the flexibility of deciding which length to wear your chain each day.

Chain Clasp Repair

Watch Battery Replacement

When your quartz watch stops running, it is usually a sign that the battery needs to be changed. We offer two ranges of service. We can change the battery, often while you wait, with a one year warranty, but no guarantee for the water seal. Our premium service comes with the water seal, professional polishing and a lifetime guarantee.

Watch Strap / Bracelet

For your comfort and the safety of your watch, it's important to have your watch fit securely around your wrist. Bring your timepiece in and we can adjust the strap/ bracelet to fit you perfectly. We can also replace an old strap on your favorite timepiece for a new look.

Watch Inspections & Cleaning

Our experts can inspect, clean and polish your watch. An inspection and exterior cleaning can be done, often while you wait. We do this as a courtesy to our customers at no charge. If your watch requires a professional exterior polishing, we perform this service as well. For this, a fee is charged. We take in your watch and perform the polishing in house, usually within a three to five day period.

Watch Inspections & Cleaning

Looking For Watch Repair In Schererville, IN?

These are just a few of our most common Watch Repair/ improvements that we do each week here at James & Sons Fine Jewelers. For additional information on these services and more, please contact the James & Sons nearest you. We look forward to working with you! Schererville: (773) 327-8800 | Schererville: (708) 226-0800 | Schererville: (219) 864-9090 | Schererville: (630) 281-5900

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