Push Present


Fine jewelry is the go-to push present for new moms. It serves as symbol of love and the memory of the birth of their child that they will cherish forever. James & Sons has a beautiful selection of birthstone jewelry, engravable jewelry, diamond stackable bands, and so much more! Fine thd perfect push pressent at a James & Sons store near you.

23 Items

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  1. John Hardy Classic Chain Hammered Interlinking Necklace
  2. J&S Collection 0.20ctw Pave Set Diamond Ring
  3. Swarovski February Birthstone Pendant In Purple, Rhodium...
  4. Anna Beck Engravable Mini Circle Necklace
  5. Hearts On Fire HOF Classic Bezel Solitaire Pendant
  6. Diamond Lab 1.00ctw Lab Grown Diamond Hoops
  7. J&S Collection 1.10ctw Diamond And Sapphire Band
  8. Tacori 4-Station Open Crescent Bracelet With London Blue...
  9. Tacori 4-Station Bracelet With Sky Blue Topaz
  10. J&S Collection 0.26ctw Diamond And London Blue Topaz...
  11. J&S Collection 0.14ctw Diamond And Aquamarine Ring
  12. J&S Collection 0.33ctw Diamond Stud Earrings In 14k White...
  13. J&S Collection 0.24ctw Diamond And Emerald Band
  14. J&S Collection Mini Round Disc Pendant Necklace In 14k...
  15. Tacori Crescent Embrace Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring
  16. Tacori Horizon Shine Amethyst Ring
  17. Tacori Horizon Shine London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings
  18. J&S Collection 0.20ctw Diamond And Ruby Halo Earrings
  19. Charles Krypell Dylani Purple Amethyst Bracelet
  20. J&S Collection Oval Emerald Halo Ring
  21. Hearts On Fire 0.45ctw Diamond Fulfillment Heart Pendant...
  22. J&S Collection Garnet Drop Earrings In 14k Yellow Gold
  23. J&S Collection 0.25ctw Diamond And Emerald Bracelet In 14k...

23 Items

Set Ascending Direction