Mother's Day


Mom deserves the best, so treat her to one of these thoughtful, beautiful Mother's Day gift ideas she'll be proud to wear all the time. This thoughtfully curated gift guide from James & Sons has earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings that all of the moms in your life will love!

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  1. Swarovski Botanical Y Necklace In White, Gold Tone Plated
  2. Hearts On Fire Lorelei Diamond Halo Pendant
  3. Ippolita Classico Crinkle Small Open Teardrop Earrings in...
  4. Swarovski Sparkling Dance Pierced Earrings
  5. Ippolita Carnevale Band Ring in Chimera
  6. Tacori Crescent Embrace Petite Bezel Studs featuring Black...
  7. Ippolita 18k Gold Lollipop Rainbow Station Necklace
  8. J&S Collection 0.21ctw Diamond 3-Row Wave Band
  9. Anna Beck Mother of Pearl Stud Earrings
  10. Hearts On Fire Signature Round Inside Out Hoop - Small
  11. Hearts On Fire Lorelei Diamond Halo Stud Earrings
  12. Ippolita Luce Oval Stone Ring in Sterling Silver
  13. Swarovski Angelic Cushion Bracelet
  14. J&S Collection Interlocked Disc on Paper Clip Chain...
  15. Diamond Lab 0.50ctw Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklace
  16. Tacori Crescent Embrace Petite Cushion Gem Ring with Black...
  17. Ippolita Lollipop Stone Station Bracelet
  18. J&S Collection 0.98ctw Diamond Oval Drop Earrings in 14k...
  19. Ippolita Lollipop All-Stone Ring in 18k Gold
  20. Hearts On Fire Signature Heart Pendant - Small
  21. Ippolita 18k Yellow Gold Lollipop Stone Station Bracelet
  22. J&S Collection Engravable Beaded Medallion Necklace
  23. Hearts On Fire 0.50ctw Diamond Tessa Circle Earrings
  24. J&S Collection Interlocked Disc on Paper Clip Chain...
  25. Ippolita Lollipop Mini Earrings in 18K Gold
  26. Tacori Petite Crescent Station Necklace Featuring Prasiolite
  27. Tacori Petite Crescent Crown Studs Featuring Prasiolite And...
  28. Hearts On Fire Signature Petal Pendant
  29. J&S Collection 0.16ctw Diamond 2-Row Beaded Ring In 14k...
  30. Hearts On Fire 0.50ctw Diamond Fulfillment Pendant
  31. Hearts On Fire 1.00ctw Diamond Fulfillment Pendant

31 Items

Set Ascending Direction