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Diamonds In Chicago, ILDiamonds In Chicago, ILDiamonds In Chicago, IL

Diamonds In Naperville, IL

We are a premier provider of loose diamonds In Naperville, IL. Visit one of our jewelry store to shop our collection of loose diamonds.


James & Sons is proud to carry a large selection of beautiful lab grown diamonds and diamond jewelry. Visit one of our jewelry store Naperville, IL to view our selection of loose diamonds, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings.

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Lab Grown Diamond Collection

Certified Diamonds In Naperville, IL

Miracles of modern science. Advanced technology allows scientists to create the extreme temperatures and extreme high pressure to create real, gem quality diamonds. Lab grown offers an exceptional value. When you visit a James & Sons, one of our sales professionals will show how identical lab grown and mined diamonds really are.

Our years of experience and serves have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers. Our jewelers are dedicated to helping you find the perfect diamond.

Browse Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry
The Diamon Lab

Diamonds In Naperville, IL

James & Sons Fine Jewelers is a Naperville family-owned jeweler. We are proud to carry both natural and lab grown diamonds at each of our jewelry stores. See the difference yourself when you visit one of our locations in Chicago, Orland Park, Naperville and Schererville.

Lab grown diamonds offer 100% of the same benefits as natural diamonds in terms of performance and durability. Many clients like the fact that there is no mining required in the production of lab grown diamonds. The process is sustainable and conflict free.

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The Diamond Lab

The Diamond Lab at James & Sons sells lab grown diamonds for up to 50% less than their natural counterparts. Lab grown diamonds look and preform exactly like natural diamonds, even under 10X magnification. Browse through our stunning collection of lab grown diamonds to find the perfect diamond shape.