The Legacy of James & Sons: Our 60th Anniversary

January 18th, 2024

60 Years of James & Sons

2024 marks the 60th anniversary for James & Sons Fine Jewelers! We are proud to have been part of so many special moments in so many people’s lives. Serving you and your family has been our pleasure, with generations of love stories and lifelong memories. From the small mom-and-pop shop, to the multi-store 3rd generation business, our family business continues to focus on offering the very best to our clients.

A Brief History

Before the opening of James & Sons Fine Jewelers, Jim Sunderland Sr. would sell jewelry and rare coins at weekend coin and antique shows as a side hustle for some extra income to support his family. Before long, he realized that he was making more money at the weekend shows than at his regular job as general manager of Steinburg Baum. When Steinburg Baum unexpectedly closed, the Sunderland family decided to take a risk and opened the first James & Sons in 1964. 

About The Founder

Jim Sunderland Sr. was known to be a charmer, and with his gift for making conversation, he quickly connected with all kinds of people. He knew most of his customers by name, and had a way of making them feel comfortable and important. Passionate about his job, he loved working at James & Sons six days a week until he was 88 years old. His style was to dress sharply and wear a lot of gold jewelry. He had a thirst for knowledge and an instinct for knowing the value of beautiful objects. The camaraderie with the James & Sons teammates and customers kept him young and happy.

Lifetime Memories With Our Family & Yours

Serving Multiple Generations Of The Same Family 

James & Sons has been honored to be part of generations of families purchasing their engagement rings at our jewelry stores. There have been moments where we have helped a couple find their engagement ring, and then twenty or so years later we are helping their son or daughter to find theirs. We are so grateful to have many 3rd generation clients, serving them and their families throughout the years. 

The People Who Have Made A Difference

Our Staff

Our Staff here at James & Sons brings a positive energy that creates a welcoming environment for both staff and clients. We want each of our clients to feel at home and welcome. We are proud of our staff and their hard work to help make James & Sons the place it is today.

Our Clients

Our clients truly make James & Sons a special place, and it’s a privilege to be trusted by so many people in our communities. Whether it’s by leaving positive reviews and feedback on Google, our clients come together to help spread the word about their experiences. We strive to continue to give our clients the high quality care and service that they deserve.

The James & Sons Family

Family is the foundation of James & Sons, and we work together as a family to serve your family. We are truly grateful for our staff, clients, and family members who have made a difference in our James & Sons family. Thank you to each person who has made a difference. Cheers to 60 years!