James & Sons has a very wide selection of diamond tennis bracelets in so many different styles. Tennis bracelets are extremely versatile as they can be worn casually without looking out of place or it can be worn as added sparkle to a formal outfit.


Tennis Bracelet Styles

The tennis bracelet is an iconic jewelry style now but it didn’t get it’s name and world-wide popularity until the 1980s. Chris Evert, a superstar tennis player, was nicknamed “The Ice Maiden” for her style and jewelry collection. In the middle of a US Open match, her diamond eternity bracelet flew off of her wrist and she asked to pause the game to find her beloved bracelet. The audience, in attendance and on television, watched the search in amazement. Ever since that day, a line diamond bracelet has been dubbed the tennis bracelet. Women have been inspired to rock similar bracelets to this day!

While the tennis bracelet that Chris Evert wore was the classic, dainty bracelet that is very well known now, tennis bracelets nowadays can come in many variations. So, what qualifies as a tennis bracelet? Well, a bracelet with small diamonds or gems that are connected by a thin chain – usually in 14k or 18k gold, platinum or sterling silver. There is movement and flexibility in a tennis bracelet, which differentiates it from a cuff or a bangle, and makes it very comfortable to wear.

How the diamonds are set and the size of the diamonds can greatly impact the look and style of a tennis bracelet.  For example, a bezel set tennis bracelet will look very different from a prong set tennis bracelet and a graduated tennis bracelet will look very different from a straight line tennis bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet Styles

We absolutely love tennis bracelets. They are a classic that will alwasys make for an incredible gift! You can view our large selection of diamond and gemstone tennis bracelets at a James & Sons store near you - in Chicago, Orland Park or Schererville, IN!