The 2020 jewelry trend that is definitely here to stay in 2021 is layered necklaces. Some have lovingly named this trend “neck-mess” because you have a mess of necklaces on! We love this trend and think that it’s so fun with so many ways to make your “neck-mess” unique to you! There are so many different ways to wear this trend.  You can keep it simple or make it playful or a little bit of both! What’s so fun about this trend is that there is no wrong way to layer necklaces.

 Layered Necklace Trend

But, in case you need some inspiration for your “neck-mess”, we are here to help! Here are some things to keep in mind when layering your necklaces:


Incorporate varying chain lengths to build a dynamic look. Necklaces of different lengths add interest and also make it easier to see the style of each individual chain. James & Sons has a wonderful selection of adjustable chains to make this super easy!



Switch up the size of the chains to add texture and your own personal style. A great starting point is a thin, delicate chain and a thick chain. Then, spice it up by adding more chains with different thicknesses. Don’t be afraid to add in a beaded chain or a diamond line necklace!



Incorporate your own personality and things that are special to you into your necklace stack! For example, add a charm with your initials or an important person’s initials. Add a symbol that is meaningful to you. Or, a diamond pendant of any size or shape! The possibilities are endless here and there are so many amazing options to make your necklace stack extra special. It will be so fun to tell the stories behind your chains and necklaces!



We also have many pre-layered necklace options that would make a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe!  Pre-layered necklaces make it super easy to get in on the layered necklace trend. Like this Swarovski piece and this Swarovski piece. There’s no need to overthink it – they are all so beautiful!


While James & Sons doesn’t sell chains alone on our website, we have a huge selection in our stores! We have so many fun options and the ability to order exactly what you are looking for if we happen not to have it in stock. We also offer custom engraving for pendants and charms if you would like to have them personalized. No matter what you’re looking for, we will be happy to make it a reality! Visit a James & Sons store in Chicago, Orland Park or Schererville to start you own necklace stack!