Hearts On Fire’s new Aerial Collection is available at James & Sons! This collection features marquise and pear shape motifs inspired by the rays of the sun, the drops of the ocean, and the seeds of the earth. The Aerial (the term defined as ‘originating from the atmosphere’) Collection is in sync with nature and made for the free-spirited woman moving from one adventure to the next.

Aerial Collection Designs



Double Dewdrop

The Aerial Dewdrop design combines marquis and pear-shaped diamond arrangements to create the illusion of a trail. The diamond shapes create beautiful pieces like the Dewdrop Bangle and the Double Dewdrop Ring (top left). The bangle features 1.23ctw of diamonds lining the front of the bangle. The show-stopping ring holds 1.57ctw of diamonds in a double-rowed ring. Both pieces are available at James & Sons in 18 karat white gold.




The Sunburst design from the Aerial Collection features pear and marquis-shaped diamonds and designs to resemble the sun's rays. Pear-shaped diamond arrangements envelop half of a round brilliant diamond in pieces like the Sunburst Pendant and Sunburst Earrings. This design mixes classic and contemporary to create an elegant look with an edgy flair. 



Marquis Bangle

The Aerial Marquise portion of the collection uses marquis-shaped diamond clusters that create a softer design. The marquis shapes are featured in beautiful pieces like the Marquis Wrap Earrings and the Marquis Flexi Bangle (bottom). The earrings come in two sizes, small and large, which hold 0.40ctw and 1.35ctw of diamonds respectively. The bangle features 0.55ctw of diamonds within eight marquis-shaped motifs on the front of this open bangle. This design from the Aerial Collection comes in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Lunar Eclipse


Lunar Eclipse (Small)

The Lunar Eclipse pieces from the Aerial Collection feature pear-shaped diamond clusters. There are two pendants in this style, one small and one medium. The Small Aerial Lunar Eclipse Pendant features 0.35ctw of diamonds within a line of pear-shaped motifs. Each piece is independent and able to contour to the wearer. This style forms a gentle curve to give a feminine yet fierce look.




The Aerial Petite design is a delicate and beautiful style. Not only are marquis motifs present, but the famous Hearts On Fire diamond is the star of the show. The styles that this design is available in are the Petite Drop Pendant and Petite Drop Earrings. Both feature a marquis-shape section at the top of the piece connecting to a round diamond with movement at the bottom. This movement allows for the piece to sit flush against the wearer to keep it flat and steady. The pendant comes in three sizes: 0.25ctw, 0.33ctw, and 0.50ctw. The earrings hold 1.15ctw of diamonds within the white gold setting.  

Hearts On Fire at James & Sons

The Aerial Collection and plenty of other Hearts On Fire favorites are available at James & Sons! Come visit us in ChicagoNapervilleOrland Park, and Schererville to find your newest addition. We can’t wait to see what you go home with!