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Daily Activities That Dirty Or Damage Your Ring

March 14th, 2024

Sometimes our everyday routines can pose unforeseen risks to the cherished jewelry we wear, especially rings. From common household chores to physical activities, each passing moment may contribute to the wear and tear of your ring. We want to explore the daily activities that, often overlooked, can cause harm to your jewelry. 

The Gym

Wearing your ring at the gym is not advisable. The metal band is susceptible to scratches and bending, especially when lifting weights or handling heavy objects. The pressure exerted on your fingers during weightlifting can cause the ring to become bent, potentially leading to the loosening or loss of any diamonds set in it. Whether it's an engagement ring, a men's wedding band, or any other daily-wear ring, it's best to avoid wearing it while engaging in strenuous activities at the gym.


Cooking, an everyday routine for many, may not prompt consideration of its impact on your ring. Nevertheless, the process of cooking and baking can quickly soil your jewelry. Whether you're kneading dough for cookies or shaping hamburger patties, it's advisable to remove your ring before engaging in any hands-on cooking or baking activities that could potentially dirty them.


Applying hand lotion tends to deposit a residual film on jewelry, potentially leading to undesirable appearances. The formulation of the lotion may accumulate in the intricate details of the piece, particularly in the prongs, causing them to become clogged. Additionally, the presence of this film can result in a clouding effect on any diamonds embedded in the jewelry, diminishing their brilliance and overall visual appeal. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution and remove your jewelry before applying hand lotion to preserve its luster and prevent any potential build-up that may compromise its aesthetic qualities.



Avoid spraying perfume near your ring, as the chemicals in perfume can exert harsh effects on jewelry. The abrasive nature of perfume can induce discoloration, tarnishing the metal or affecting any gemstones present in the piece. To preserve the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your ring, it is recommended to apply perfume before putting on your jewelry, allowing it to dry completely before putting your ring back on.


Wearing jewelry while engaging in gardening is ill-advised. Soil has the potential to accumulate and wedge itself in your ring, causing clogging and unwanted dirt buildup. Gripping gardening tools can exert pressure, leading to the bending of the band. Additionally, wearing gloves may pose a risk, as they could snag on the prongs of your jewelry. In the unfortunate event of any diamonds becoming loose, there's a possibility that they might be lost amid the soil. It's best to remove your jewelry before delving into gardening activities to preserve its condition and prevent avoidable damage.


Swimming with your ring poses a dual risk – there's not only the potential loss of the ring in the water but even if you emerge from the pool with the ring intact, it has been subjected to harsh chemicals that can lead to damage.


While the desire to keep your ring on at all times is understandable, it is advisable to remove it while you sleep. The prongs securing diamonds in place may catch on materials as you toss and turn, increasing the risk of loosening and potential loss during the night.


Regardless of the sport you engage in, be it volleyball, baseball, soccer, or any other, it is strongly advised not to wear your ring. Even in sports where hand involvement is minimal, the risk of losing your ring is still present.

Harmful DIY jewelry cleaning methods

The internet is filled with false information, and this goes for jewelry cleaning methods as well. Please do not put ketchup on your jewelry, even if TikTok says to.


Regular household tasks like cleaning can harm your ring. Cleaning agents, scrubbing, doing dishes, and similar activities can result in both dirtiness and damage to your ring.

Be sure to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected

No matter how careful you are with your ring, it is always a good idea to bring in your diamond ring for an annual inspection and cleaning to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Be sure to stop by James & Sons to have your ring checked out, especially if you have engaged in any of the above activities while wearing your ring and it might need repairs or cleaning. Our jewelry stores are located in Chicago, Naperville, Orland Park, and Schererville