Custom Jewelry Engravings: Things To Consider

January 25th, 2024

The Significance of Jewelry Engraving

Some things to consider before getting your jewelry engraved are the size of the piece, the material, where you want the engraving, what you want it to say, and the engraving method.

A Brief History

Humans have been engraving items for centuries, communicating a meaning to the item engraved. Whether it was to engrave a name, date, or important event, engraving gave a deeper meaning or symbolism to the engraved object.

Why Do People Get Jewelry Engraved

Many people personalize engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces. It permanently imprints a significant symbol onto the jewelry item, creating a meaningful connection to the piece.

The Jewelry Item to be Engraved


Something to keep in mind is that not all jewelry pieces can be engraved easily, depending on the size of the piece or the metal material. Certain metals are better for engraving than others. Gold, silver, and platinum are the best materials for jewelry engraving, so be sure to discuss the material of the piece you plan to have engraved with your jeweler.


Items such as necklaces, bracelets, and delicate jewelry need to be engraved where there is a surface suitable for engraving. Some necklaces have engravable pendants, and bracelets may have engravable charms. Have an idea of where you would like to have your item engraved, but remain open to suggestions from your jeweler. 

The Types of Engraving

Hand Engraved

The ancient craft of hand engraving stretches back centuries, making this form of engraving more personal and unique. Because hand engraving is done by a person and not a machine, the results may take more time than a machine depending on the complexity and size of the engraving.  

Machine Engraved

The precision of machine engraving is popular since the results perfectly match the desired outcome. This option may also be better for very small engravings that are more difficult to do by hand. With the machine, we cannot do anything too thin, or hollow pieces. The machine can’t do lockets or pieces that may be too small or too large to be engraved. We can help you figure out what can and cannot be engraved.

What Do You Want Engraved


Important dates play a significant role in our lives. Whether it be the date of an anniversary, birthday, or even a specific year. The most popular pieces to be engraved here at James & Sons are men’s wedding bands, often with the wedding anniversary date.

Names or Initials

We keep the names of loved ones in our hearts, and some of us keep their names close to us as a physical reminder of our love for them. You can choose to engrave someone’s name or initials, depending on the size of the jewelry piece and your personal preference. 


Short quotes or messages may give a piece of jewelry a meaningful touch to someone we love. Whether it says “I Love You” or “Always and Forever,” this saying will remind your loved one of what they mean to you.

Finding An Experienced Jeweler

James & Sons is experienced with engraving and is here to help you with your engraving needs.

We offer both hand and machine engraving options. If you are exploring either of these options, reach out or stop by any of our jewelry stores in Chicago, Naperville, Orland Park, or Schererville.