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Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting: What's the difference?

May 17th, 2023

Bezel Setting vs Prong Setting:

What are the pros and cons between these two styles of engagement rings?

The obvious difference between these two setting styles is the aesthetic. Bezel settings have a more modern appeal while a prong setting is a true classic. However, there are functional differences that may make one better suited to your lifestyle than the other.

What is a Bezel Setting?

Bezel set engagement rings date back to Ancient Greece. The metal wraps all the way around the gemstone to create a rim, or cup. Bezel settings boast a more sleek, modern look with a nod to the Art Deco aesthetic.

Bezel Setting Pros

Because bezel set engagement rings use more metal, they can make the diamond appear larger than a similar sized diamond in a prong setting. Your diamond is also more protected in a bezel setting, making it a great choice for more active lifestyles.

Bezel Setting Cons

While we love a more protected diamond, a bezel setting does tend to have less sparkle than a prong setting. The enclosed nature of the bezel setting also makes it a bit more complicated to clean the diamond itself.

What is a Prong Setting?

The prong setting was made famous by Tiffany & Co. in the 19th century. In this classic ring design, the diamond is anchored to the band by small metal prongs. The number of prongs can vary, but are typically made with four or six. With a diversity of prong setting styles, you can create a look that is delicately minimalist or makes a bold statement.

Prong Setting Pros

The main difference between a prong and bezel setting is that a prong setting allows for more light to filter through the diamond, creating even more sparkle. Prong settings are also more accommodating to larger sized diamonds without looking too bulky. Plus, they are more simple to clean.

Prong Setting Cons

Compared to a bezel setting, prong setting engagement rings do not hold the diamond as securely. While prong set diamonds are easier to clean, they are also more prone to becoming dirtier quicker because the diamond is more exposed.

How To Choose The Setting That Is Best For You

When it comes to selecting your perfect engagement ring, you should select a setting and style that you absolutely love but also suits your lifestyle. We recommend trying on a wide range of different styles and settings to find your perfect match (kind of like finding your wedding dress) 

Take the stress out of choosing the perfect engagement ring with a one on one consultation at one of our four locations in Chicago, Naperville, Orland Park or Schererville.