If you're anything like us, one of your 2021 New Year's resolutions is to clean your jewelry more! To fight off bacteria and germs AND to make your jewelry as sparkly as possible, we have an easy, at-home DIY jewelry cleaner recipe! It's super easy and using ingredients that everyone has in their home. Follow the recipe below and show us your sparkly diamonds by posting a picture and tagging us on social media! Oh, and Happy New Year!


-Soft bristle toothbrush

-Regular dish soap

-Windex/Glass cleaner

-Warm water

-Room temperature water

-Towel/Paper towel

At Home DIY Jewelry Cleaner


Combine 1 part dish soap, 1 part glass cleaner, and 2 parts warm water in a small bowl. There is no need for exact measurements - keep it simple!


Place your jewelry in the cleaning solution. Let it soak in there for a few minutes - or a few hours! A little extra time can't hurt.


Once you have let your jewelry soak in the cleaning solution, take it out and gently scrub it with the soft bristle toothbrush. Make sure to scrub all of the crevices where dirt and bacteria are more likely to build up. We would highly recommend that you no longer use this toothbrush to brush your teeth. Set it aside as your jewelry cleaning brush!


Place it in a cup or small bowl of room temperature water, or run it under the faucet. Just be careful not to drop your jewelry in the sink so that it doesn't fall down the drain! Rinse off all of the cleaning solution very well.


Pat your jewelry dry with a towel or paper towel. And voila! You are done!


We have also been getting a lot of inquiries about hand sanitizer and jewelry. For the most part, applying hand sanitizer while wearing your rings is safe for hard stones and precious metals. This includes jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold, silver, platinum and titanium. However, you have to be very careful with stones that are considered 'soft' such as opals or pearls because they can be damaged by the alcohol in the hand sanitizer. We advise you to remove your rings with soft stones before applying hand santizer. Using the jewelry cleaning recipe that we spoke about above is completely safe to use on rings and jewelry with soft stones like opal and pearl. Stay away from hand sanitizers with chlorine because chlorine can tarnish and cause corrosion in gold and silver jewelry.

Now you have sparkly and, most importantly, clean jewelry! Feel free to shop our website and enjoy FREE standard shipping on all orders!