Handcrafted with extraordinary care by master jewelers, Fana jewelry is meant to capture the most special moments of your life so you relive the whole experience every time you glance at them. Explore the beauty of Fana engagement rings and wedding bands at a James & Sons store near you!

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  1. Fana 0.25ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  2. Fana 0.42ctw Diamond Band
  3. Fana 0.31ctw Delicate Classic Engagement Ring Mounting ...
  4. Fana Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring With...
  5. Fana 0.27ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  6. Fana 0.75ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  7. Fana 0.28ctw Diamond Wedding Band
  8. Fana Classic Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with a Subtle...
  9. Fana 0.11ctw Diamond Twisted Wedding Band
  10. Fana 0.54ctw Diamond Solitaire Double Row Pave Band...
  11. Fana 0.19ctw Diamond Twisted Band Engagement Ring Mounting
  12. Fana 0.50ctw Diamond Oval Halo Engagement Ring Mounting
  13. Fana 0.02ctw Diamond Classic Round Solitaire Engagement...
  14. Fana 0.27ctw Diamond Oval Halo And Pave Band Engagement...
  15. Fana 0.07ctw Diamond Twisted Band Engagement Ring Mounting
  16. Fana 0.45ctw Diamond Halo Twisted Pave Band Engagement Ring...
  17. Fana 0.02ctw Diamond Classic Round Solitaire Engagement...
  18. Fana 0.47ctw Diamond Round Solitaire Pave Band Engagement...
  19. Fana 0.24ctw Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring Mounting
  20. Fana 0.37ctw Diamond Halo Twisted Band Engagement Ring...
  21. Fana 0.67ctw Diamond Floral Halo Engagement Ring Mounting
  22. Fana 0.39ctw Diamond Pear Solitaire Pave Band Engagement...
  23. Fana 0.63ctw Diamond French Pave Solitaire Engagement Ring...
  24. Fana 0.34ctw Diamond Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring...
  25. Fana 0.19ctw Diamond Vintage Scalloped Engagement Ring...
  26. Fana 1.31ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Mounting
  27. Fana 0.03ctw Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting
  28. Fana 1.05ctw Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring Mounting
  29. Fana 0.89ctw Diamond Solitaire Three-Row Engagement Ring...
  30. Fana 0.02ctw Diamond Split-Shank Engagement Ring Mounting
  31. Fana 0.02ctw Diamond Classic Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring...
  32. Fana 0.16ctw Diamond Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring...
  33. Fana 0.02ctw Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting
  34. Fana 0.39ctw Diamond Classic Oval Solitaire With Pave Band...
  35. Fana 0.11ctw Diamond Round Solitaire Engagement Ring...

35 Items

Set Ascending Direction